South Downs Health & Fitness

South Downs Health and Fitness Ltd offer personal training options to suit every individual, from general fitness to stress relief to nutritional planning, we cater our service to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Based in the heart of Storrington, West Sussex, South Downs Health and Fitness strive to offer the absolute highest level of personal training and sports therapy, at affordable rates. We believe that, becoming the person you strive to be is only achieved by addressing the needs of not only the body, but also of the mind as well; our programmes cater to all of those needs and do so in a way that is enjoyable and fun.

By placing an emphasis on the improvement of our clients’ general lifestyle, as opposed to simply focusing on guiding physical exercise, we are able to more effectively deliver results, offering our clients greater satisfaction and better value for money.

South Downs Health & Fitness are currently work out of The Chanctonbury Sport & Leisure Centre in Storrington and The Chichester Chiropractric Clinic in Chichester. If you wish to contact us please use the details on our contact page here.