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Becoming the person you strive to be is achieved by addressing the needs of not only the body, but also of the mind.

At SouthDowns Fitness and Health, we place our emphasis on the improvement of our clients’ general lifestyle, as opposed to simply focusing on guiding physical exercise.

We deliver more effective, proven results that way, offering our clients greater satisfaction and better value for money.

Significantly transform your lifestyle and your well being from today.

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Our customers say:

“ Considerably increased my fitness and mobility levels not seen in 25 years”

“Wonderful benefits- Health, well being, fitness, strength, happiness”

“I feel 100% better. Lost weight, gained strength and generally feel better about myself”

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Our programs are enjoyable, supportive yet challenging, and fun; with the feeling of belonging to a real club spirit running through. For more information on how we operate please see about us.

Let SouthDowns Health and Fitness help you to become fitter and stronger through a program tailored specifically for you.